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Missionary Assistance Partnership (MAP) has been providing support services to local preachers and missionary organizations in Haiti and other countries for over 25 years.  Today, MAP has 12 young men studying at Sonlight Bible College in Port de Paix  and provides direct support for over 40 preachers and churches throughout Haiti.


MAP sends young men to Bible College.  When they graduate, they can preach, direct a school, and speak English.  Today, a dozen are preparing for ministry.

MAP provides support services for Gonaives Christian Mission, acting as their US Forwarding Agent and coordinating with donors to ship trucks, sewing machines, clothes, and other gifts to them.

MAP supports  preachers  and churches throughout Haiti and assists them as they plant churches, mentor, and encourage each other through evangelistic organizations like Dessalines Christian Development.

MAP partners with US churches to bring food, school supplies, clothes, solar lights, and backpacks to Haiti where they are distributed by local church leaders to families and children in their congregations.  MAP also supports self-sufficiency projects like goats and


MAP began in 1991 when Wyburn Osborn began working with Haitians at the church he was pastoring in Miami.  Soon, he was helping to transport people and supplies for missions and churches across Haiti.  


Later, Wyburn was asked to take over the work of Hollins Duhon, an American missionary who started churches across Haiti. Hollins began to send young men to Bible College.  After they graduated, he helped them organize into a group called Dessalines Christian Development (DCD) that mentors and encourages preachers as they establish churches throughout Haiti.


MAP has continued to follow the vision of changing Haiti by preparing young men for ministry.  Over the years MAP has sent many dozens of young Christians to Bible college and supports many more as they serve in the field.  

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