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 Gros-Morne Christian Church           


Gros-Morne means "Big Mountain" in Creole, the language of Haiti.  Gros-Morne is a small town of about 8000 people located along the Mancelle River.  Although Gros-Morne is only about 11 miles north of Gonaives, the roads are so bad it takes over an hour to get there.

When Sainsurin was in Bible College in North Carolina, Roger Julien wrote to Sainsurin about becoming a Christian church preacher..  Sainsurin explained New Testament Christianity to Roger and he and his wife, Claudette, started Gonaives Christian Church with 15 people in 1987.  A new sanctuary was built in 1999 and today the church has 150 members.

        The School


Gros-Morne Christian School offers classes that range from kindergarten through 6th grade.  

Claudette Julien founded the school  soon after she and her husband started the church in 1987.


The school has educated many hundreds of children from Gros-Morne over the years.  Today, the school has 7 teachers and 120 students.  

Renauld Odalus

Preaching Minister


Renauld graduated from Salem Bassin Bible College in 2011.  Besides preaching, he plays the keyboard and leads worship at the church.  He also teaches computers at the school and works as an electrician to support his family.  He and his wife, Marie Dalia, have 6 children.

Renauld requests prayers:

-That God will give him wisdom to lead the church.

-That he and his family will continue to walk in the Christian way.

-That the church can find money to replace its leaky roof.

-That God would lead Christians to  provide food, clothes, shoes, and ways to make money to his church members who are very poor.  

Claudette Lucien

School Director and Nurse

Claudette and her deceased husband, Roger founded Gros-Morne Christian Church and School in 1987.  Today she is the Director and Nurse of the school.  In addition, she provides nursing care to the people of Gros-Morne.   Claudette requests prayers:

-That she can continue to grow spiritually.

-That the school can hire another teacher and grow to 150 students.

-That the school have a well, lunches for the students, and more computers (they currently have one).

-That the church will grow and can feed and help the poor people in Gros-Morne find ways to make money.

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