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Grand L'eau


Grand L'eau is an isolated mountain village about 2 or 3 hours from Gonaives. 


Grand L'eau has only limited contact with the outside world.  In order to buy food or supplies the people have to walk or ride a donkey about 4 miles to the nearest town, Ennery. 


Since the only road to the village is so rough and crosses several streams, it is almost inaccessible by most vehicles, even with 4-wheel drive. 


Church and School


The church was started by Sainsurin's father. 


A new sanctuary was built in 2002.  About 100 people gather from their mountains homes to worship each Sunday. 


The school has about 150 students and meets in the church building.





Elriste Janvier



Elriste preaches at Grand L'eau Christian Church and is the Director and a teacher at the School.


He and his wife, Dot Carmene, have seven children.


Elriste requests prayers:

-That he has the wisdom and knowledge to pastor the church. -That the church would grow.

-That he can educate his children.

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