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Young women at Ennery
Singers at Ennery
Ennery Christian Church
Oberto Elie leading worship
Kids sitting in Ennery Church
Kids at Ennery church
Friendly church member
Ennery sanctuary
Boy at Ennery church

Ennery is a town of about 30,000 located about 20 miles east of Gonaives along the Ennery River. 


Ennery Christian Church and School have been led by Nathan Elie since 1980.  After Nathan attended some of Sainsurin's Bible studies and seminars around 1990, Ennery became part of Gonaives Christian Mission. At that time, there were 60 people attending. 


Now, the church has grown to over 300 people who worship together in a big,

beautiful sanctuary finished in 2016. 



Ennery Christian School meets in the old church building and in a tented porch on the side. 


Approximately 250 children attend classes from preschool through middle school.

Sainsurin and the Leaders of Ennery Christian Church

Nathan Elie

Senior Minister


Nathan preaches at Ennery Christian Church and is the Director of the School.


He and his wife, Elisienne, have eleven children.


Nathan requests prayers:

-That the church would grow and prosper spiritually, numerically, and financially.

-That the outside of the church would be stuccoed and the inside tiled and painted.

Oberto Elie

Assistant Minister


Oberto shares the preaching and leads worship at Ennery Christian Church.  He is in his Junior year at the Caribbean Christian Bible College in Gonaives.


He and his wife, Estimable, are newlyweds.


Oberto requests prayers:

-That God would give him wisdom and strength to continue his studies and to be a good husband and pastor. 

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