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Gonaives Christian Church was started in 1975 by Sainsurin's father.  When Sainsurin returned from Bible College, he became the Senior Pastor of the church.

On his first Sunday back there were 101 people in worship and 16 baptisms. 


Today, Gonaives Christian Church is an active and healthy congregation of 500-600 members meeting several times a week for Bible study, prayer, and worship.  They are led by five pastors and a group of dedicated elders.


Sainsurin Jean-Baptiste

Director of Gonaives Christian Mission

Senior Minister of Gonaives CC

Sainsurin oversees all the ministries of GCM.  He also preaches regularly at Gonaives Christian Church (GCC) and leads and mentors the pastors of all the churches. 

He and and his wife, Marie, have four children and three grandchildren.  Sainsurin requests prayers:

-That God will give him the wisdom and health to lead the ministry and draw more souls to Christ.

-That the ministry would be equipped financially to help the people of Haiti know God and live a better life.


Alix Paul

Executive Minister of Gonaives CC

Director of Gonaives Christian School

Alix is in charge of the day-to-day operations and preaches at the Gonaives church.  He also serves as the Director of Gonaives Christian School (GCS).  

He and his wife, Islande, have three children.

Alix requests prayers:

-That God will protect his family

-That the church will prosper and grow.

-That the school could provide lunches and uniforms for the students

-That the school could have a basketball court

Homere Adeclat

​Associate Minister of GCC


​Homere preaches, teaches, and counsels at GCC.  He has also started a church in Vanios where he preaches twice a month.

He and his wife, Laurette, have ten children.

Homere requests prayers:

-That God would bless his family and his ministries.

-That his preaching would bring people to God.

-That the church at Varios would grow and have the resources to buy land and build a sanctuary.


Olvert Julien

SS Superintendent of GCC

High School Director at GCS


Olvert is in charge of Christian Education at GCC and he teaches and oversees the high school at GCS.

He and his wife, Esther, have one son. Olvert requests prayers:

-That God will give him wisdom and health to perform his ministry

-That God will protect his family

-That the school would grow spiritually and numerically.

Robinson Louis

Youth and Children's Minister of GCC


Robinson leads the Youth and Children programs and preaches occasionally at GCC.  He is in his last year of Bible College.  He also oversees an orphanage in Gonaives.

He and his wife, Elda, have two children.

Robinson requests prayers:

-That God would give him the wisdom and strength to minister effectively while he finishes school.

-That God would bless and protect his family

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